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Favorite ThisQuixotic Releases AXIS as Free Download

Published: April 13, 2012

Kansas City, Missouri's Quixotic is at it again.  Last week they released their new album AXIS, and this week they are giving it away as a FREE download through their Facebook Page.  All you have to do is "LIKE" their page.  Not so hard, and you get to keep up to date on the current shenanigans of the ensemble. 

Artistic Director, musician and composer Anthony Maliano and cohorts Noel Selders (Composer, Co-Musical Producer) and Shane Borth (Violinist, Composer) have out done themselves with their newest soundtrack.  Quixotic performances are usually remembered for their jaw-dropping aerial and dance routines, but it is the music that is at the heart of it all.  By putting together a fresh unique musical blend to serve as the accompaniment to their artistic stage vision, Magliano and company have also put together an album worthy of standing alone.  It is, as they so eloquently put it, "a soaring, rich, dark, cinematic journey where thick electronic textures and synthesizers meet strings, world music, and mallet percussion".  Think Thievery Corporation and Phutureprimitive had a baby.

Get to the FREE Download Here

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