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Favorite ThisQuixotic and The Human Experience - The Fire Inside [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: April 29, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Collaboration is the most exciting part of this brave new electronic landscape. No one knows that better than the many members of Quixotic, who meld the talents of dancers, aerialists, percussionists, designers, and animators to create a multi-sensory feast for fans of wild performance and live electronic excursions. Add one more member to the mix, David Block, better known as The Human Experience, and the journey hurtles into hyperdrive.

Block, Quixotic director Anthony Magliano, and vionlist Shane Borth worked together to craft an album that harnesses the beauty, grace, and strength of the performance troupe with lush, symphonic compositions that echo the physical power exuded by every leap and flutter. The result is a 6-song EP, From the Outside Looking In, slated for a release in the near future. The lead single from the release, "The Fire Inside," is a gorgeous ode, a balanced and delicate offering that brings to mind the lightness of a Quixotic aerialist spinning and soaring through the air.

Fans of David Block have a lot to be excited about, too. Somewhere amongst the 16 festivals he's playing this year, he's planning on releasing two EPs, one with Knowa Lusion, and one with wildly talented vocalist Rigzin (most well known for her works with Random Rab). On top of the EPs, a full solo album is forthcoming, and we're told it's going to be a lot funkier, with a more upbeat, tropical feel. The kicker is, that release might be coming out on a very cool label here in a couple of months. Untz fans will approve. Block is performing alongside Quixotic at SONIC BLOOM, and the video of trapeze artist Megan Stockman will give you just a taste of what fans can expect.

And if you're not fully aware of the breadth and scope of a fully live, Quixotic performance with all its members and the endless possibilities, just check out the video below. Make sure to fasten your seat belt, if your office chair or iPad does, in fact, come equipped with one of those. They've performed with Shpongle, Tipper, EOTO, and the Kansas City Orchestra, and once again it's time for them to brighten up festival season with widly imaginative digital paintings that spring to life right before fans' eyes. Time to get acquainted.

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