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Favorite ThisPulse SF celebrates 5 years with Avalon, Hedflux & Jossie Telch April 8

Published: April 1, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Pulse SF 5 Year

I should resist making some pun about Pulse SF having its finger on the pulse of the psy and prog scene in the Bay Area, but I can't resist. I just can't. Primarily, because I love puns, but more so, simply because it's accurate.

HedfluxWhen it come to psytrance, progressive trance and house, psy breaks, tech house and more, you have a deep underground community with roots that run even deeper. Psychedelic music is at home in the Bay, but many of the greats in the field now are from South America, Israel, Asia, and Europe. For the past five years, Pulse SF has been collecting the best of the best like Pokémon, bringing out big names like Ace Ventura, Emok, and Smoke Sign. With the psybass and glitch scene flourishing in America, Pulse is still able to attract the fringe acts to its underground parties through sheer professionalism and top-notch production.

While Pulse SF was founding in late 2010, it wasn't until the spring of 2011 that the first show truly came together, so on April 8th, celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the eclectic group with a massive show at Empire Room in San Francisco. Covering three wildly distinctive styles, Avalon, Hedflux, and Jossie Telch bring that international flair to the Bay. From breaks to techno to straight up psytrance, the old school heads in northern California are not going go want to miss this one.

Visit to snag your pre-sale tickets, and visit to make sure that you are also in lockstep with the cutting-edge sounds of the underground.

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