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Favorite ThisPsymbionic & Of The Trees team up again for '2 Wicked' [Gravitas]

Published: August 26, 2015

By: Brent Stenstrom

The festival sets are over for the night, but that doesn’t mean the entertainment has to end. Psymbionic & Of the Trees is your late night entertainment, and boy do they drop a massive performance on this new collaboration. That’s right, the same duo that connected for “One Thing” featuring Cristina Soto, which got a delightful Bassnectar remix, is back at again. This time the boys decided to take a glitch hop/psychedelic direction with their new track “2 Wicked.”

“2 Wicked” is one of those tracks that start off a bit slower and melodic, but as the tune turns up it gets wilder. Oscillating between a mind- altering trip and a heavy banger, “2 Wicked” definitely lives up to its name. The guys do a tremendous job at balancing the different genres throughout the track, and the drop is totally worth taking a listen to all on its own. This track will blow your mind and leave you mystified as to what just happened for the past five minutes. Give it a listen and hear the filthiness for yourself; you won’t leave disappointed.

Tags: GlitchTrap