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Favorite ThisPsilogod: Exquisite Landscapes Review

Published: January 24, 2013
By: Alex Silva

Closing out the 2012 year, electronic psytrance music producer Psilogod, AKA Kevin Kolstad, humbled fans with his second full length album, Exquisite Landscapes. His first album, Divination, turned heads towards the Reno-based producer back in 2009 leaving fans with a momentary lapse of pleasure as they listened to his 10-track inauguration proclamation into the EDM scene. News of his much anticipated forthcoming project had been looming over the underground’s shoulders since Kolstad announced his plans for his next release, which finally became available as a 14-track free download last month on BandCamp.


Exquisite Landscapes emits a much darker vibe than his previous album. The first track, “The Second Gate,” introduces the passively aggressive breakbeats that serve as the groundwork for Kolstad’s work and mold together to form the album as a whole. Each track following paints a new image in your mind as it guides you through his intended psychedelic voyage through the cosmic deserts of your cerebral universe. It’s dark, and often quite esoteric approach, is there to further reinforce the revelations you will encounter through your journey that, until illuminated, remain hidden from plain view.

Album artwork by Ecsyle
Tracks like “Vega Signal” and “Synthesonata” provide that source of illumination. Like stars in the midnight sky, they braid in soft synth notes into the abyss of prolific bass rhythms to highlight the dual aspects of Kolstad’s production, creating a sonic love affair between light and dark. It’s like enduring a storm filled with womping winds of sound that propel blades of sand at your face, except the bass is so thick that it slows down time and space to the point where each bead delicately grazes your cheeks to stimulates your skin down the foundations of your soul. Yeah, it’s that intense.
Kolstad is not currently scheduled to perform or tour in the near future, but that may soon change! Visit his website to stay updated with the latest news surrounding Psilogod.

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