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Favorite ThisPrototypeRaptor - 9bit Sunrise [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: January 29, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Last week, we at were convinced PrototypeRaptor was sent from the heavens to save house music. This week, we're convinced he was sent from the Cretaceous Period to save the whole damn music industry. Today, Jonathan Paulsen, the producer from the Plains, releases his sophomore effort, Nostalgiarithim. What's the nostalgia all about? Well, it hearkens back to an era of 2-button controllers and chunky graphics, if you're into that. But we think you're going to stick around for the rhythm. The effortless blend of bit-crushed melodies with a bevy of different time signatures, tempos, and tastes is unreal. You'd think this kid ripped open his SNES, possessed its innards, and starting making them dance around Fantasia-style while he conducted them like a mad scientist. There are so many themes flying around this album, it's difficult to keep track of it all.

We're thrilled to be giving fans a first or second sampling of PrototypeRaptor's aesthetic. "9bit Sunrise" is precisely the vibe Paulsen creates throughout the entirety of the album. It's bubbly, it's buoyant, and above all, it's perfect for DJ sets. That bassline rumbling up through the intro is so funky, it's absurd. And it's really reflective of the very jazzy and bluesy undertones of the entire album. At around 70 minutes, Nostalgiarithim is packed to the gills with sonic power. Your friends are going to love you for sharing this with them. You're going to look like a genius. And now you're completely prepared for Jurassic Park 4.