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Favorite ThisProper Motion - Shake the Ground ft Kevin Donohue

Published: February 13, 2015

By: Michael Beas

Just when you thought the world of EDM could not come up with anything new, along came the boys from Colorado to shake things up. At first, I have to admit I was caught off guard with the new release of, "Shake the Ground" by Proper Motion (producers Noah Marion and Harrison Watkin) along with a little handy guitarwork from Kevin Donohue of SunSquabi.

Their music is cross between Carlos Santana and Benny Benassi with a twist of Gramatik. There is definitely a progressive vibe throughout the track, but as the beats and sounds develop you feel the nostalgic, highly addictive rhythm of electro-soul that brings you deep, very deep into the music they are creating. It’s as if you are waiting for the drop to come, but it doesn’t. While, I am all for, ‘hands in the air’ get your rave on tracks, "Shake the Ground" is a welcoming experience that will certainly put you in a trance and take you back to the roots of hip-ho. Your experience this will give you an experience all in its own.

If you are looking for a track that will take you away into a world of bliss, keep you on edge and leave you begging for more, then "Shake the Ground" is the single for you.

Tags: Hip HopLivetronica