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Favorite ThisProject Aspect: Remixes Vol. 2

Published: March 5, 2012

By: Jordan Calvano

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If you know much about the burgeoning American EDM scene, you are most likely aware of the powerful and groovy bass tones coming straight out of Colorado. While the most well-known artists are folks like Pretty Lights and the rest of his label, there is no limit to the long list of producers who are giving everything they got. There’s obviously something in that mile high air, because it’s helping them breathe easy and drop nothing but cuts.

One of those up-and-comers is Jay Jaramillo, who has been releasing tunes under the moniker Project Aspect for about 4 years now. He fuses a laundry list of genres including crunk, IDM, and glitch-hop to create unconventional tunes with tremendous depth and gravitas. Jaramillo assembles 100% percent original songs, which means he re-creates the instrumentals for the tracks he remixes, which layer perfectly under the immersive acapellas. This is something not seen in much of EDM, and truly sets Project Aspect apart from most artists.

With his latest release, Remixes Vol. 2, Jaramillo demonstrates what it means to take a piece of music and make it your own. Improvement is evident from the first round of remixes, which included artists like 2Pac, Big L, Chromeo, and Aaliyah.

Each remix brings something different to the table, and adds to the funky psychedelic vibe that is pieced together throughout the 10 songs. The first track is a remix of “Booth Love” by Umphrey's McGee, and is a soulful mid tempo cut that features a melodic groove throughout.

On track 3 Jaramillo takes on Iyaz’s classic reggae-influenced tune, “Replay,” which will have any listener belting out the catchy lyrics, “Shawty's like a melody in my head that I can't keep out got me singin' like na na na na everyday,” while rocking out to Project Aspect’s head bobbing synths.

Other standouts include deft remakes of talented female vocalists like Olive and Ellie Goulding. “Outlaw,” is an emotive track that will have the listener flying high above the Earth into the deep realms of the solar system from the second the song drops. “The Writer,” kicks in immediately with Ellie Goulding’s peaceful vocals that have become so well known-in the EDM scene.

And if all that wasn’t enough to get you hooked, Aspect throws in a remix of “Just Dance,” by Lady Gaga, and a nostalgic switch-up of the childhood classic “Space Jam.” Michael Jordan would be proud.

Remixes Vol. 2 is a hit, and truly shows how quickly Project Aspect is progressing as an artist. The release proves why he belongs in the Colorado sound movement, and has The Untz seal of approval.

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