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Favorite ThisProject Aspect: Automagically Review

Published: October 22, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

If you’ve spent any time following the comings and goings of The Untz, you know we get down with anything Project Aspect (Jay Jaramillo) releases. The Denver based producer possesses over a decade of musical experience, and it shines through each bass-heavy anthem he unleashes.

Jaramillo has already busted out two unforgettable albums since the start of 2012, but it seems the third time is undoubtedly the charm for this unstoppable producer. AutoMagically (1320 Records) stays true to that potent Project Aspect sound we’ve come to love, while further pursuing the goal of covering the whole world in glitch--some next level shit.

First up is “Custie Bear,” which allows ethereal piano melodies and magical snares to battle it out for ultimate supremacy. These two facets end up effortlessly synthesizing as the track progresses, while nostalgic vocal samples gracefully layer over them. “Wiggle Your Wires” kicks open the door with an armada of effervescent synths and well-placed hip-hop samples--glitched out, dubbed out, and most importantly, all out.

“Back Seat” perfectly sums up Colorado’s continually progressing sound movement, as Kruza Kid lays down some crafty bars over Jaramillo’s quick paced instrumentations. Whether the vocals are left alone, pitched down, or even pitched up, we like what we hear. “SlobberKnocker” is a perfect example of everything Project Aspect is about--creating enthralling, seven minute long midtempo anthems for the word to rock out to. This allows the track to develop, while keeping an audience on their toes throughout.

“Work Day” is basically the celebratory song that should be thrown on the second a nine to five work shift ends. Bump this song in the car while leaving your most likely mundane job, and let those co-workers know what’s good--bass, bass, and more bass.

Project Aspect does it again, and we can’t help but be impressed. The burgeoning artist continues his consistent progression with every momentous release, while simultaneously pushing the limits of his heroic sound.

Tags: DubstepGlitchHip Hop