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Favorite ThisPrismada is the new halftime hero we need

Published: November 20, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

Prismada - DeformataOur inside tipsters at MalLabel Music gave us the jump on the new halftime heaters from Brett Frischer. Now that Prismada's EP, Deformata, is out, we want to drive everyone we can to this hype new release.

Kansas City's Frischer has been a staple of the scene for a while, but this eye-opening studio effort really is his coming out party, and anyone who is as obsessed with underground UK styles will immediately be drawn to Deformata.

We are highlighting “Bashment,” because of its undeniably eclectic stutter and slant. It's a really dirty, industrial, and exciting track—indicative of the kind of innovative sound you'll hear throughout the EP. It really was difficult finding the perfect track to highlight from this 7-track collection.

Once again we have to doff our caps to MalLabel for finding the next new thing in underground bass.

Tags: Drum and Bass