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Favorite This[PREVIEW] Phutureprimitive Searching For Beauty Tour kicks off tonight with Kaminanda

Published: October 9, 2014

The time has come to search for beauty. The good news is, it's actually coming around to us. Phutureprimitive kicks off his Searching For Beauty Tour tonight in Columbus, OH with ritual dancer Caeli La by his side, and a brand new 3D mapped stage. This marks the official debut of the new stage setup, and we've been given this dazzling preview of what it can do.

Gorgeous projections meld the organic with the inorganic as Rain's thudding bass and sensual melodies glide over the top. This is the biggest tour PhutureP has ever embarked upon, and he's going BIG with the production. This fall will also see the completion of his album, Searching For Beauty In the Darkest Places, which serves as the calling card for the tour. Last month, we premiered his latest single, "Energy Flow."

This is what the team had to say about the new tour and stage:

Phutureprimitive's new live show is designed to ignite your mind, body and soul. Featuring a 3D mapped stage production, Caeli La - Ritual Dancer performing with video feedback effects, and visual music pieces exploring urban surrealism, visionary art, hyper graphic techno magic, and the redemptive power and beauty of nature.

Get ready to dive into an interplay of polarities: masculine and feminine, angular and organic, objects and space, technologic and natural, dark and light, phuture and primitive.

This tour also features the Dance Out Your Demons game, where audience members can write down a demon, fear, wish or desire on a piece of tape, stick it to the bottom of their shoe, and dance it out / dance it in with us!

Featured on all but two shows of this cross-country run is one of our favorite producers, Kaminanda, who has had a huge year, playing Envision, SONIC BLOOM, Beloved, Shambhala, and is coming up on Art Outside down in Texas as part of this run. The tantric dub-hop shaman just released Liminal Spaces this summer, and is already working on a new album. Fans who caught the unofficial tour kickoff in Denver back in August got to hear everything from unreleased Kalya Scintilla tunes to Kaminanda's own remix of Phish's "Roggae"--you never know what he'll play, or what he'll break out, as he can hop on drums, shred the guitar (as he's done with ZILLA several times this summer, or even some jazz flute. No kidding.

Feeling lucky? is giving away tickets to every show on the tour. That's right. Click the link below, and you'll be entered in our contest to win a PAIR of tickets to any show you choose. We're already picking winners for Indianapolis, Lansing, and Cleveland this week, so jump on in.

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