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Favorite ThisPretty Lights Part 2 - Podcast Episode 66

Published: May 10, 2011

This is the second half of a two-part special episode from The Untz Podcast. Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights talked about his humble beginnings on yesterday's show.

In case you missed it here's Part 1 - Podcast Episode 65 from yesterday.

Today, he discusses headlining Identity and Electric Forest Festival (and he was just added as the headliner of Halfway to Forecastle), blowing up artists through Pretty Lights Music, and his relationship with fellow bass cadet Bassnectar.  Do I smell a collaboration on the horizon?

Next week, we've got another special guest for you on the podcast. RJD2 is unarguably one of the biggest forces in the world of hip-hop. He's worked with tons of rappers with underground cred out the wazoo (Blueprint, DOOM, Cunninlynguists), licensed his music out for commercials and TV (Mad Men theme), and has just released a new concert video, Live at the Rave, which features him live... at theRave.  Bingo! RJD2 will be joining Break Science for a special performance at Camp Bisco X. He was also just added as a featured performer at Halfway to Forecastle!

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