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Favorite ThisPretty Lights Drops Brand New Remix (I Love The 90s)

Published: June 6, 2011

Pretty Lights RemixApparently, Derek Vincent Smith has been dialed in to his favorite 90's radio station on Sirius/XM as he hops from festival to festival this Summer. The brand spankin' new Pretty Lights remix fresh out of the oven features the trifecta of artists that would be circling the Discman of any music lover who grew up during the era of flared jeans, Fight Club, and Y2K. Nirvana, Radiohead, and Nine Inch Nails bob and weave on what can only be described as the most dramatic display of West Coast bass music we've seen from DVS.

Snippets of Thom Yorke's brooding croon from 2000's Kid A masterpiece "Everything in its Right Place" deftly maneuver around the trailing refrain of Kurt Cobain's "All Apologies" wind down, all the while, the tinny electric piano outro from NIN's "Closer," sneaks across a track that is dominated by a decidedly fierce dubstep drum beat from master of mountain music. Smith lets Cobain and Yorke handle melody duties, while he lazerbasses the you-know-what out of all three tracks. Fans of the gritty last decade of the 20th century, those still holding on to their flannel and angst, will appreciate the Pretty Lights retrospective, but what does this harder edge mean for future PL output? Stay tuned, always prolific Derek Vincent Smith is sure to be back in the mix--with a brand new remix--sooner than you think.

Pretty Lights vs Radiohead vs Nirvana vs NIN

Download the track here

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