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Favorite ThisPremiere Week Continues With The Manhattan Project

Published: April 18, 2011

The second installment of Premiere Week on The Untz features Rochester's The Manhattan Project.  The duo of keyboardist Charlie Linder and drummer Shawn Drogan is about to release the second volume in the Atomic Bomb Party series.  When the 5-track album drops, the band will be joined by Future Rock at Water Street Music Hall in the band's hometown.

Today's premiere, "New World Anthem," is a culmination of the pair's influences: Lotus, Conspirator, and other livetronica forces.  Heavy synths permeate the cut, and the band's jam sensibilities are present in the attention to the build; slow and patient, the climax is a revelation, not a letdown.  Solid production values undergird this piece.  More than a dance track, the band's attempt to build live IDM is fulfilled.  The rest of the album, while varied, delivers on this same, solid plane.

The Manhattan Project - New World Anthem

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