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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Stephan Jacobs - Pixeltopia Teaser Mixtape

Published: February 23, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Stephan Jacobs has come bursting out of the gate with an onslaught of all original material he's slammed into the 30-minute Pixeltopia mixtape. Between singles, EPs, collabs, and even a full live band performance, it's clear the LA-based producer has been super busy. Featuring urban bass music in all its various forms, shapes, and sizes, this mixtape has something for everyone.

On March 2, Jacobs releases his "Sleepless in LA" collab with Dirt Monkey on Play Me Records. The jaw-dropping track features Johanna Phraze. Later this year, he'll be hitting the road with RUN DMT, and all mayhem will ensure. Better keep your eyes and ears on Stephan Jacobs.


Stephan Jacobs - All Through The Night ***
Stephan Jacobs - Malibu (Instrumental) ***
Stephan Jacobs - Wild and Free (feat Delevo) ***
Stephan Jacobs & Frank Royal - Break Me Open (feat Delevo)
Stephan Jacobs - Catch Fire (feat Talia Benson) ***
Stephan Jacobs - Build the Sky (feat Delevo)
into->> Build the Sky (Live Band)
Performed Live by:
⁃ Delevo
⁃ Stephan Jacobs
⁃ Sunevil
⁃ Dillon Pagette
⁃ Brian Griffith
⁃ Julio
Stephan Jacobs & Ill Gates - Bounce (feat Johanna Phraze) *
Stephan Jacobs - Anywhere (Rudebrat Remix)
Stephan Jacobs - Snow In Space (feat Vokab Kompany) ***
Stephan Jacobs - Somebody Hold Me (feat Talia Benson) ***
Souleye - Waiting for you (produced by Stephan Jacobs) **
Stephan Jacobs & RUN DMT - PEYOTE *
Neaks - Dreamstate (Produced by Stephan Jacobs) *
Stephan Jacobs & Dirtmonkey - Sleepless In LA * (feat Johanna Phraze)
Stephan Jacobs & Dirtmonkey - Sleepless In LA (Ruff Hauser Remix)
Trowa - All I Know (Bottle Service Remix) *
Elephant - Revolution (Bottle Service Remix)
Drake - Language (Bottle Service Remix)

*** Forthcoming Pixeltopia EP
** Forthcoming Identified Time EP
* Forthcoming Singles

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