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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Space Jesus, Yheti remix Supersillyus - Bananotechnology

Published: March 4, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

In true Supersillyus fashion, the follow up to his widely acclaimed Interabang release had to not only feature Rob Uslan's most otherworldly compatriots, but also push the boundaries of space and time to create a sound that is wholly unique and totally out of the ordinary. "Too future," as a matter of fact.

For Interabang: Remixed, Uslan had to of course tap his Schlang co-conspirator, Space Jesus, for a wacky and wild take on "Bananotechnology" that sounds like a Shpongle track being played backwards through Cashmere Cat's tape machine. Jasha Tull knows the Supersillyus sound almost better than anyone else, and of course is the go-to when it comes to reinterpretation. Through downtempo swells and trappy breaks, the mood swings are as frenetic as a trip to a loony bin.

Our underground sources have been screaming the praises of Tyler Holler for a minute. Midwest producer Yheti takes the same song to totally different and equally weird places as Space Jeezer. Easing in with trippy giggles, the pace builds and builds until we've broken out into a full on breakbeat explosion.

Uslan is releasing each remix of the Supersillyus set bit by bit, building to the March 26th blowout  at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, NY celebrating the remix album's conclusion with Globular, Radioactive Sandwich, and Jeremys Aura. Screw your face on tight for that one...

Tags: DowntempoGlitchHip HopTrap