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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Pleasure - Segue to Seduction EP [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: May 13, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

PleasureIt's time for more bedroom beats from the man who's all about Pleasure. Well, Sean McCarthy is all about pleasure, because he IS pleasure. So no one knows more about getting passionate with some silky tunes, laying the foundation for a sweaty night with some glistening synths and rattling cabinets.

Segue to Seduction is all yours, for absolutely FREE, because it's #TheSummerofPleasure, and the madman McCarthy is on pace to release an EP each month while that days are long and the sun blazes down. Three originals shimmer and shake with every aching breath, and the bonus remix from Brooks Brown gets around town.

These are strictly for those intimate moments with your boo, but if you want to break them out in the club, the beaming faces on the dance floor with thank you with that ubiquitous grab-your-bottom-lip-in-your-teeth-and-let's-do-this look.