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Favorite This[PREMIERE] PEGA5U5 - Harder Than a Rockstar

Published: November 7, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Brothers in blood, the two-headed glitch-hop monster PEGA5U5 goes "Harder Than a Rockstar" on its debut album The Flock, out today (November 7th) on Ooze System. Born out of a twisty-turny path that took psy-bass, West Coast legend Mr. Rogers and hip-hop empresario Pharroh (formerly Agustus thElefant) around the world and in the studio with legends on separate forks and flung them back together, the newly formed act is all beats, bass, and a billion little rhymes wrapped in neat little packages.

Today's premiere has that knee-snappin' swagger with a psychedelic twist. Delightfully arranged verses tickle both the eardrums and the domepiece with clever couplets and a tongue-in-cheek delivery. That kinda flow will get you arrested, but not in Missoula, no not tonight, when the boys join forces with fellow West Coast bass provocateurs, Love and Light. Missoula, MT tonight, and then Bozeman tomorrow, and you can still grab tickets for that until midnight tonight!

Buy the new PEGA5U5 album, The Flock, and get it bumpin'.

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