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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Mr Jennings - Steamcrunk Vol 2

Published: March 17, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

From the Playa into the fiya, Richmond, Virginia's Mr Jennings brings us the second installment in his Steamcrunk series, smashing bizarre vintage samples with contemporary Americana, hip-hop, and ... whatever you call what Tom Waits does.

Conway Jennings is a master at taking the electro-swing concept into uncharted territories, first plastering Savage's classic "Swing" onto some actual swing from the delightful Ella Fitzgerald. He gives Carolina Choclate Drops a bass injection with some brass thrown in for good measure. Truly the closest sonic lark to my own heart is his reworking of the cult hit "Vanity Fair" by Mike Patton's off-the-wall act Mr. Bungle. The demented doo-wop ditty is treated with love and affection, as only the most sincere Bungle fan would. Kudos.

Mr Jennings is making headway into the mid-Atlantic scene, popping up in Maryland, DC, and his home state of Virginia this spring. You can catch him out at one of our favorite weeklies on the planet, Wormhole Wednesday all the way across the country in Oakland, CA on April 8th.

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