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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Mr. Bill & Freddy Todd - Colloidal Drip [Out Dec 22]

Published: December 20, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Far be it from me to quibble with one of my favorite producers for his selection of an album title, especially when I find self-aware, self-deprecating artists extraordinarily refreshing in this industry of overly inflated egos. These are the rarities.

But when Mr. Bill calls his new album, Settling For Mediocrity, I am forced to take umbrage.

If Bill Day were to record the sound of this head thumping against his desk, and release an album of big room house with a trapstyle twist on Columbia Records, sure--go ahead and call that compilation Settling For Mediocrity. But an album of avant garde, nay, free jazz glitch compositions that bend the rules of time and space? That's anything but mediocre.

Sure, as Day describes it, the "settling" for the release an album he deems unfinished, and the wrestling an artist does with his or herself in the process of letting go of their creation for mass consumption is the mediocrity of which he truly speaks, but I personally think it sends the wrong message.

Take, for example, today's premiere. Mr. Bill's soulmate in glitch (and another one of my personal favorites) Freddy Todd go in on "Colloidal Drip," which sounds to me like Bird and Diz trading bars in the 23rd century. Two masters try to top one another for our listening pleasure in a battle royale for the newest and edgiest lick.

This is not for mass consumption. This is two true artisans hoisting their craft on high for the enjoyment of the other. Imagine that--in the pursuit of sonic supremacy, the result is a wildly enjoyable musical canvas. When these two forces go head-to-head for their own giddy glee, an electricity fills the air. As a bystander, I'm filled with awe and wonder that we get a bird's eye view of this thrilling tête-à-tête.

And that is anything but mediocrity.

Rant over. The wait will be over December 22nd.

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