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Favorite This[PREMIERE] MORiLLO - Hieroglyphs [12-15 Play Me Records]

Published: December 15, 2014

By: Christopher Conte

MORiLLO’s new EP Hieroglyphs is not a set of tunes you should pass up, whether you are the casual listener or a DJ. The EP kicks off with a monstrous tune bearing the same name as the album. Its Middle Eastern feel accompanied by hard-hitting bass and swirling resonance is surely to become a crowd favorite.

As the EP progress MORiLLO’s talent comes shining through. He has an incredible way of utilizing worldly sounds to create heavy bass music.  He blends archaic sounds with modern ones to create a fascinating dynamic. This is clearly audible in both “Kali” and “Sub Aquatic Love." 

The EP is sandwiched by two heaters. You can’t have a good sandwich without the two delicious pieces of bread bringing it all together. The final track “Shut It Down” delivers just as much as the title track. You can’t go wrong here. It is eclectic, diverse and unique; a refreshing taste of what is capable with bass music. MORiLLO is making the Ancient Egyptian God of knowledge, hieroglyphs and wisdom, Thoth, proud with this one.

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Tags: GlitchHip HopTrap