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Favorite This[PREMIERE] LabRat & Jamburglar - Syndicate [Break The Cage EP out NOW on Adapted Records]

Published: October 8, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

We get a tear in our eye when we look fondly at our past participants in The Untz Challenge moving on to greener pastures and utterly throwing the fuck down. We've had our teary eye on our Bay Area brethren LabRat and Jamburglar since they swept into our presence with a destructive dubstep tune that really ushered in the future funk movement.

Today, we premiere a brand new collaboration from the pair in honor of LabRat's brand new EP, out NOW on Adapted Records. "Syndicate" is a bonus collaboration (and a free download) easing fans into Break The Cage, a collection of four distinct glitch-hop tunes for fans of Haywyre, Mr. Bill, and Virtual Riot.

The title track of the EP issues notice to producers who just try to rip their fans' heads off. You gotta be classy! Jazzy flavors find their way into each cut, and these fun interludes provide fodder for LabRat, as he builds towards his climaxes. "Can't Catch Up" has such a funky flair, that it belies just how stinkin' hard it bangs. Great vocal samples, too. It's got it all.

"Evolve" builds the intensity with some brutal keyboard shredding. Beauitful pitch bends and pig squeals lend an energy to the overall playful air. And no one's talkin' shit 'bout "Shitaka," which brings in fans of electro-soul, if only to show them how glitch-hop is done. Smooth R&B rams right into some good ol' fashioned lazer bass.

LabRat is all grown up. To be picked up by tastemakers Adapted is a damn fine honor, as well. Hold your head up high, young friend. Prepare to get the funk down, peoples.

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