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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Kick The Habit - Rolling Up [Out 11/3 SectionZ]

Published: October 29, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Interview by: Mitchell Treend

Israeli duo Kick The Habit burst onto our radar thanks to the sharp ears and keen instinct of seminal label SectionZ, which has been responsible for burgeoning talent like Savant and Mr. Bill to take the next step in their careers.
Tom Lewis and Stav Beger unleash their five-track Day Jobs EP on November 3, and today, we not only get to bask in the beaming glow of complextro delight "Rolling Up," but we also get to hear from the guys about what it is they're up to, and how they got to this point.
Tell us about the spirit behind this project, What inspires you to break down genre barriers instead of sticking with the status quo?
Music has always been a big part of our lives and we both have gone through several musical projects in the past. We learned a lot from those experiences and wanted to take all that we love in music and mash it up to make something fresh and new.
That's actually why we named the project Kick The Habit, you need to let go of your routine to find your creativity. The best music comes when you just flow and let things happen.
Hailing from Israel, what is the dance music scene like there? Where was the first show you played as "Kick the Habit'?
Israel has a great electronic music scene. Since Israel is a small country, the scene is not so big but it's very versatile and packs a lot of talented producers into one place (you probably all know projects such as Infected Mushroom, Guy Gerber, Skazi, Lets Be Friends, TYP and much more). 
Our first show as Kick The Habit was just a short time after we started the project. It was about two years ago at the Sublime Club in Tel Aviv. There were around 600 happy people, just waiting to cut loose, and it was a pure fun.  
Some know-it-all said dubstep was dead. Your track ,"Sick Days" seems to disagree. Your thoughts?
We believe that musical genres don't die, they evolve. We are very well aware of what's going on in the music scene today, but when we're in the studio, we leave it all at the door and try not to think of what's acceptable or not.
This is the only way to find yourself and bring something new to the table. If you take "Sick Days" for example, you'll get metal oriented riffs, dubstep sounds  and drum & bass tempo. The idea is not to stay attached to the limitations of any genre.
How did you two meet?
Tinder! Hah... no, close... Facebook.
We came from similar musical backgrounds and we are both open minded and easy going so we bonded immediately and started writing some techno tracks together under different projects. After some time, we got bored, left all our other projects and decided to take things further by creating 'Kick The Habit'.
What do you 'Turn down' for?
Hot chocolate with marshmallows and a late night cartoons special, NOT!, but definitely a long night in the studio, squeezing some sounds for hours and hours till you open the studio's door to find the sky full of day light and you are almost totally late for an important meeting.
What is your favorite post-show snack?
We can't get into specifics here, but let’s just say its forbidden in certain countries. If you insist of knowing that, just contact our manager and ask for our rider (you won't find there a need for champagne showers or overly sized cakes but, other alcoholic beverages, specially imported tabacco and other local substances are always welcomed).
This is your first full-length release, can we expect a North American tour in the near future?
Why to expect only a North American tour when our main goal here is a world domination. Tons of gigs are coming and also a full length album is already in the making.
Which track are you most excited for on the Day Jobs release?­
The problem about this question is that the favorite song is always changing from time to time deepens on the mood but lets say that no matter what the mood is, 'Ten Times Bigger' always makes everone smile. Just go a head and check it out! We give you 30 sec before you start laughing...

Pre-order Day Jobs from SectionZ now!

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