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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Kalya Scintilla - The Calling [Open Ancient Eyes out Sept 23 on Merkaba Music]

Published: September 9, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

In the way Joseph Campbell united cultures across time and space with his Power of Myth, Australia's Kalya Scintilla celebrates the ancient mythologies that connect humans across all walks of life. Bringing narrative back into the electronic music world, Scintilla's desire is to not only inspire fans with his wildly imaginative soundscapes, but bring an element of performance and storytelling into his live shows and studio work that hearkens back to our primal ancestors sharing their knowledge of the world as they huddled around campfires.

Here's what Eve Olution, Kalya Scintilla's partner in the creation of the Open Ancient Eyes mythology, had to say about the album:

Weaving myth into the fabric of this music, Kalya Scintilla takes this concept album to new heights in offering multi-layered depth and intentional precision on every level. The story begins with a voice calling to us to remember something we have forgotten; as each song begins we find rich tapestries of musical architecture to explore the landscapes from all around the world. Africa, India, Asia, and many more to paint the pictures of something rooted within us from our past all awaiting us to reclaim. Each song playing out like a fragment of ourself spread across the planet as we travel down each one like a pathway leading to a greater knowing. This album invites us into our imagination and asks us to journey inwards towards the calling to enter the temple of our heart and Open Ancient Eyes.

Eve Olution, along with famed digital artist and longtime Tipper collaborator Johnathan Singer, will join Kalya Scintilla the road this fall as he brings this story to life. Nominus will also be sharing his powerful glitch aesthetic at each stop on the run. Dates along the west coast, into the midwest, and down to the southeast over the next few months will allow more fans to find themselves immersed in this new sonic paradigm. Open Ancient Eyes will be released on Merkaba Music on September 23rd.

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