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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Evoke - Hello Hollow [1-22 SectionZ Records]

Published: January 19, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Our sources tell us that we should keep our eyes and ears on Alden Groves in 2015. Our sources are always right.

The young singer-songwriter-producer based in Boulder, CO has aligned himself with some marquee acts, collaborating with and remixing SectionZ labelmates Mr. Bill and Savant, respectively. Evoke evokes (sorry, couldn't resist) comparisons to Owl City and The Postal Service, because of his minimal soundscapes and emotional vox, but beyond his indie contemporaries, Groves is able to work in the modern electronic and dance space, inviting cutting-edge techniques from the EDM world into his productions.

Clearly, what separates Evoke from the EDM chaff is a focus on the craft of songwriting. His lyrics aren't an afterthought mainly concerned with partying, partying, and partying; a theme from which most dance music dreck tends to pull. Rather, on his forthcoming Withdrawal (slated for a January 22 release), Groves explores heartbreak as a metaphor for addiction.

Today's premiere, "Hello Hollow" is an inventive garage tune that plays with the form. Ephemeral verses cascade down this very Thom Yorke/The Eraser composition. It's inviting and aloof. Intense, but not unpleasant. A gleeful jaunt down Paradox Lane.

If our sources are betting on Evoke this year, then so are we. Didn't take much convincing, at all.

Tags: BreaksDowntempoGlitchHouse