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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Bluetech releases 90-minute mix for The Future FM

Published: May 6, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

On the heels of his Cosmic Dubs release, we're thrilled to reveal a brand new, 90-minute mix from Bluetech. The prolific downtempo, ambient, and psychedelic bass producer has been churning out a steady stream of studio material, including last year's Basement Dubs, a companion piece to Cosmic Dubs, now packaged together in physical form, as well as Spacehop Chronicles Volume 1, released back in February of this year.

The mix journeys through liminal space, and is meant to be listened to during those borderline periods: dusk, dawn, when you first wake, or when you're drifting towards slumber.

The ebb and flow of organic and inorganic beeps, flutters, springs, and dings paints a colorful image on the inside of your eyelids. Float endlessly from vignette to vignette; a lush rainforest gives way to the blank darkness of space. A murky underwater scene is suddenly illuminated by the towering inferno of a blooming volcano.


The imagination is Evan Bartholomew's canvas, and his skilled hands guide the mind through wildly altering scenery. Find yourself some solitary space to really dive into this one.

The mix was crafted for TheFuture.FM, which has launched a brand new platform for DJ mixes and live performances, beaming directly to your computer, tablet, or phone. Share, create, and become part of a community.

Bluetech himself is on a bit of a journey this summer. Beginning next month, he's at Raindance, Farm Fest, and Great North Festival, among others. Make sure to stay on top of his tour dates, because this mix is going to make you want to catch him in the flesh.