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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Alex Kane - Holocene [Anthropocene EP]

Published: March 18, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Welcome to the Anthropocene, the period in geological history during which humans start to poke their dirty hands into the delicate balance of our planet's volatile ecosystem. The new EP from Alex Kane is equal parts political and sonic statement. Much like The Glitch Mob dove headlong into sludge metal with their last album, Bay Area producer and instrumentalist Kane looks to the industrial era of rock, which soaked up much influence from the Krautrock and electronic experimenters.

Closing the circle, Alex Kane barrels through "Holocene" in a breakbeat frenzy, only to cut the engines and bang his head into a halftime dubstep breakdown. And as we are fully beginning to realize the global ramifications of our "productive" industrial revolution, Kane is able to craft a little industrial revolution of his own with his music. Stay tuned for the full release.

Tags: BreaksDubstep