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Favorite ThisPoztman remixes Chrizpy Chriz' 'Broken Function' for VALE

Published: October 23, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Chrizpy Chriz - Broken Function (Poztman Remix)Canadian beatboxer and favorite of VALE, Chrizpy Chriz, gets a wild reworking from a mainstay in the experimental bass world, Poztman.

While VALE is a relatively new label in the grand scheme of things, Chrizpy Chriz has amassed quite a catalog of releases with the progressive outlet out of Pittsburgh. While he's got singles out on Gravitas' Infusion series, MethLab, and WONK#Y, the bulk of his work has appeared as a summer EP from last year, A.D.D., and another summer release in Retrieving Light on VALE.

Bruges' Pierre Collie took a particular shine to “Broken Function” from Retrieving Light, and this delightful remix was born. Brooding and genre defiant, this darkly throbbing drum and bass adjacent tune really highlights what's best about VALE—their ability to cut through the noise and deliver an utterly unique single track in a saturated underground bass field.

Get the new Poztman remix of Chrizpy Chriz from VALE

Tags: Drum and BassTechno