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Favorite ThisPorter Robinson ft Jano: The Seconds (Ennui Remix) [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: February 11, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

There’s an old lyric by The Eagles that states “Everything can change in a New York minute.” Considering that bustling New York standards place a minute closer to a split-second, or around the time it takes for a traffic light to turn green and the guy behind you to start honking, it’s pretty apparent that time moves at lightning speed.

We’ve got a new saying for you to remember, and it’s “Anything could change in a bass music minute.” Countless artists rise from the depths of obscurity, others lose their credibility in an instant, and that “Fresh new bump” you just discovered is old news after a few days. On that note, let us formally introduce you to Ennui before everyone’s got his name on their lips. The young Chi-Town resident is stirring up an unstoppable storm of late, unleashing volcanic anthems in record time. His latest masterpiece takes on a classic Porter Robinson tune, completely recreating it’s ambiance while injecting our ear canals with unrelenting doses of heavy. “The Seconds” ambitiously juxtaposes anthemic electro house synths with galvanizing dub womps, creating unadulterated bliss with one click of a button. Thoroughly addicting, and we guarantee it could freeze time in Manhattan for at least a few seconds.

Ennui’s unrelenting ascension has only just begun, and we’re just happy to join the show in its early stages. You’ve got a case of the Mondays, and we’ve got a massive unreleased download for you. Take that!

Tags: DowntempoElectroHouseTrance