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Favorite ThisPlunkie - Gravitron

Published: August 30, 2012
Ryan Plunkett has stumbled upon something. In taking the brash, in-your-face attitude of contemporary dubstep and ratcheting it up a couple of notches into the glitch BPM realm, he's crafted a whole new beast--we'll call it heavy-hop for lack of a better term.

As a bass music producer, Plunkie is a attempting to boldly go where commercial acts never dare. He's no newcomer; being on the scene in the Show-me state for nearly a decade and sharing stages with Figure, Terravita, KOAN Sound, and more has given Plunkett a bold M.O. when it comes to branding his own identity in the bass game. His debut EP Wonderworld is the first step in creating that new sonic signature, and it's tracks like "Gravitron," that will get him there. A tense build explodes into funky intensity. The brooding and dark quality of those dubby sounds is mitigated by an infectious groove. It's the yin and the yang.

Wonderworld drops September 1st, this Saturday, on Connector Presents. He'll be joining labelmate Spankalicious at Club Zeal on Saturday, September 15th in Springfield, MO for a release party.