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Favorite ThisPleasure thinks 'You're Really Cool' (and so is riddim).

Published: February 14, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

PleasureWhat's more romantic than riddim?

Sean McCarthy, his fuzzy alien, and his adorable Trash Dove think that spending Valentine's Day alone just because you can't drum up the courage to ask out that special basshead in your life is just not cool.

That's why he put out a video yesterday with his blue friend helping fans ask out that certain someone with a heavy-ass icebreaker that will put the hurt on your subs.

McCarthy has been slowly increasing the Attitude level on his Pleasure repertoire, introducing heavier and heavier tracks into his sets and studio work. With the rise of riddim, it just made sense to combine his love bass with his love of weird memes (namely, a Vine of a strangely rhythmic and talented kid penning what might be the love song of the decade). These lyrics are up there with Dylan: Hey, I think you're really cool / I like you a lot / Maybe we can hang out or something.

That shit's poetry.

The result is a heavy ass bass anthem that is truly a fun take on riddim that can actually help out your love life. You've still got a few hours to put it to the test.

Tags: Dubstep