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Favorite ThisPleasure takes on Portishead with new remix

Published: July 19, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

PleasureI'm really feeling a Portishead renaissance, because everything is shitty and it feels like the world is about to end every morning. Yeah, that's pretty much what early 90's UK trip-hop is like.

Sean McCarthy, a veritable ray of sunshine compared to the electronica powerhouse of Geoff Barrow and Beth Gibbons is doing pretty well for himself. Now Brooklyn-based, the bedroom beatsmith has elevated the Pleasure brand to new heights, while still staying relatively niche and experimental.

Today, McCarthy reveals his new Portishead remix ahead of his Stilldream appearance in Belden, California next weekend, where he'll be joined by the likes of Yheti, Proko, Whitebear, Toadface, and a whole cast of lovable characters. This reworking of the 1994 classic “Roads” off the seminal Dummy disc will have you longing for flannels paired with overalls and a Bristol sneer with your afternoon cup of overbrewed tea. It's a chill side of pleasure, but we're used to it—nay, we're on board, and fans will dig this switch-up in style and intensity that's perfect for a rainy day even if the sun is shining.

Tags: Downtempo