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Favorite ThisPilz Beats debuts glitchy and groovy 'Rhodes From Nirvana'

Published: August 6, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

Pilz BeatsWe have been joyously following Nathaniel Parrott's career for some time. Not only as he gotten to release a number of tracks on various outlets from Gravitas Recordings to Street Ritual to our festival partners ShadowTrix, but his wildly futuristic artwork has also graced the cover of many of your favorite artists and labels worldwide.

On the music side of things, Parrott performs and produces as Pilz Beats, making the lineup for the aforementioned ShadowTrix stage at The Untz Festival this past summer. On August 9th, he releases his latest collection of tunes—8 tracks comprising the Sarpa LP. Full of sexy, R&B infused glitch-hop, there's a real ill-esha vibe running through this collection.

Today we premiere “Rhodes From Nirvana,” a real bellwether of the types of sounds and flavors fans can expect in the release. It's frenetic and vibrant, full of a rich tapestry of horns and synths and bass blasts. On top of fun and funky beats, Parrott has also been crafting these gorgeous visual accompaniments for his songs, and they have really brought the album to life for us.

Tags: Glitch