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Favorite ThisPigeon Hole premieres new banger 'WEST COAST'

Published: August 30, 2016

By: Mitchell Treend

Pigeon HoleToday we have another dose of brand new music for your ear holes. After Shambhala this year, we were inundated with new artists and songs that we can’t wait to share with you, one such artist who captivated audiences at this year's festival was a duo hailing from Victoria, BC who go by Pigeon Hole. The track is titled “West Coast” and it is here to remind everyone exactly how the west coast rocks it.

Colin McCue and Lee Napthine began their foray into music production as a part of the Vancouver-based hip-hop collective Sweatshop Union. Both McCue and Napthine grew up on west coast hip-hop and shared a passion for trunk-knocking beats.

After some time spent with Sweatshop Union, the duo discovered the emerging “west coast” bass music scene and suddenly found themselves swept up in a whole new exciting world of possibilities.

Moving away from the Sweatshop Union project, Pigeon Hole was born. The result is a collection of original releases steeped in the “West Coast” tradition.

Their premiere today is no exception. “West Coast” opens with a droning siren and an up-tempo drum line cadence reminiscent of those dreamy Dr. Dre intros we fell in love with in 2001.

The sole vocal sample echoes out while we are finally treated to that eerie, synth beacon, channeling all the simplicity and grit in a way that only west coast music can.

The whole track is an excellent addition to the duos already stacked catalog and it is definitely something you need to get your hands on to stave off the creeping winter.

“West Coast” is live on our Soundcloud page today. You can show Pigeon Hole some love and follow to download, as well as discovering all the other great music they have to offer.

Download WEST COAST for the price of a follow, ya dig?

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