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Favorite ThisPhrenik - The Strength Within

Published: October 2, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

San Diego's Phrenik is returning to the scene of the grime with a brand new album on Simplify Recordings. The Impact will feature even more bass-slinging mayhem from the veteran producer who got his start in the drum & bass driven world of southern California. Out tomorrow (Oct 3), the EP features Christine Baar, PLS DNT STP, and his fellow SoCal dubstep dominator, Kezwik. "The Strength Within" is a continuation of Phrenik's own innate strength in working with female vocals, a tack he took to the top with his Jillian Ann collaboration from last year. Powerful and immense in scope, "Strength" plays to an arena or a nice set of headphones with equal prowess. Phrenik has always possessed the attention to detail, to flesh out melodic passages and give listeners a chance to breathe, rather than just hitting folks over the head with cacophonous drops. Listen closely, and you'll find there's a method to the mayhem.