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Favorite ThisPhrenik & Divine X: Turn It Up / The Yearning Review

Published: December 20, 2012
By: Gracie Roberts

This year has been big for Simplify Recordings, and there’s still some time left. Last month, the powerhouse label released Turn It Up, the collaboration of San Diego-native Phrenik and Brazilian duo Divine X. Phrenik, a long-time player in the SoCal electronic scene, bounces back from The Impact and Spy Game, two EPs that served this up-and-coming producer well during 2012.

In 2010, producers Thiago Soler and Diego Silva joined forces to create Divine X, a pure electro project. In addition to Simplify, Divine X has released tracks on some of the biggest labels in the world, including Heavy Artillery Recordings, Freakz Me Out, and Funkk Sound.

Turn It Up opens with the album’s title track. This collaboration between Phrenik and Divine X kicks off with a digi-dub beat that bounces along at a midtempo clip. The track takes a turn when the beat builds to an enormous drop that explodes into ringing synths. The energetic sound of “Turn It Up” is supplemented by a reggae backbone—one that gives it a striking and unconventional flavor.

The album continues with Phrenik’s “The Yearning,” a piece highlighted by female vocals that pull the listener in tight. Phrenik doesn’t forget to throw in some gnarly bass, giving “The Yearning” an extra kick. The basslines continue to the terminus, when Phrenik exits with a slow fade.

“Skyline,” another track from Phrenik, closes out this short and sweet release. The artist showcases his knack for drum and bass in this track, starting off with a rapid beat that brings in a dynamic drop. Phrenik describes his music as “bass in your face from outer space,” and this track is a perfect illustration. “Skyline” is available for free download via Soundcloud, Beatport, and Simplify Recording’s website.

With 2012 coming to a close, we will wait and see what Phrenik and Divine X have in store for us during the New Year. Fans of Turn It Up will surely beg for more.

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