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Favorite This[PHOTOS] The Disco Biscuits close out three-night City Bisco run with The Perfume

Published: September 30, 2014

Photos by: Andrew Scott Blackstein

Story by: Lydia Smith

The Mann Center in Philadelphia PA, the home of the Disco Biscuits, hosted the last of the three night run on Saturday, September 27. The third City Bisco changed from 2013; some changes were planned, but some were unexpected. Instead of two nights at the Mann, City Bisco took a little tour of Philly starting at the Trocadero Theatre, then The Electric Factory, and concluding at the Mann Center. Once again, warm skies heated everyone up for the looming night and then cooled down the inferno.

Risky Disko heated things up first. Originally, Orchard Lounge was supposed to open for the Biscuits, but Chicago-based flight grounded the duo. In substitution – oh no, another set of The Disco Biscuits! This unanticipated extra set consisted of The Perfume, the Biscuits' alter ego. They have not played live under the assumed name for quite a few years. Fewer artists than last year’s Mann event, but more hot biscuits were served.

The planned second set began and ended with Little Lai, and a bookending Caterpillar which immersed the crowd with the spectacular light show. Part of the Disco Biscuits' mesmerizing performance is the variation and quality of the lights and lasers that join forces with the music. The perfect synchrony allows for the attendees to not only hear the music but witness it in colors and patterns.

During the official set break, the Godfather of Disco, Giorgio Moroder, proved his ability to still get dancers hips' shaking to a back beat. Disco favorites were laid out like Hot Stuff, What a Feeling, and I Feel Love. The second set of the Disco Biscuits excelled in every way. The diversity of the lights--ranging from smooth primary colors to sharp intense lasers to a red sporadic dance increased the intensity. They came out with Crickets, sprinkled in a Tempest, and rounded it out with a massive 42. The encore consisted of a strong stand alone, Helicopters, that ended the three night run with a sense of promise.

But it wasn’t over yet! As the crowd was in celebration of a spectacular night, the Biscuits and Giorgio Moroder bowed to their grateful fans. The pending question was answered; The Disco Biscuits will be propelling us into the New Year with a five night run in Chicago and New York City. Despite the changes that occurred, The Disco Biscuits helped close out the summer season but warmed us up for the fall and winter lineups.

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