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Favorite This[PHOTOS] Lotus teams up with Zoogma at Rams Head in Baltimore

Published: April 23, 2014
Photos by: Zack Teator (
Review by: Lydia Smith

After a three night run in Brooklyn, Lotus traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to kick off a two-night stand on Friday, April 18th. Rams Head Live in downtown Baltimore is nestled in a lively part of the city, bringing anticipation to fever pitch by show time.

The three-story venue eliminates all sightline issues, giving fans a multitude of looks at the rowdy live show. You could see them head-on or a bird’s-eye view. From below, you could see people raging out over the railings floor after floor—just look out for errant beer spillage. 

After Zoogma got everyone going with a "Thriller" cover, Lotus kicked off its set with "Kodiak." A strong “Kodiak” was followed by a fan favorite, "Contagion" > "Jump Off" then "Kalea" which left everyone ecstatic for the upcoming set.

During set break, the of age were corralled into the middle of the Power Plant discovering old and new friends while discussing the first set and their hopes for the second. The cool air outside rushed into refresh those workin' up a sweat. A big topic of talk was the new light rig making its spring tour debut. These lights must be witnessed in-person for their unique designs and colors that take the sonic adventure to the next level.

Lotus came out swinging with a “Bush Pilot” to blast off the second set. If "Kalea" and "Sid" was not enough in the first set, "Plant Your Root" > "Greet the Mind" > "Umbilical Moonrise" > "Greet the Mind" sure set everyone off into a dancing frenzy. They encored and closed it out with a hard "Hammerstrike" leaving everyone wanting more for the next night.

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