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Favorite ThisPerkulat0r drops Chillage Records comp Crunksauce Vol 5 with 'Bubbles'

Published: February 24, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

There is a glut of hot new tracks coming out of northern California, these days. Always a strong presence in the underground electronic music realm with its west coast bass sound, a dip in vitality from the re-emergence of house music and slick production of trap that flooded the market from LA, New York and Australia, NorCal has reasserted itself at the forefront of cutting-edge music with the rise to power of the weirdo left-field bass music that has blossomed from those early west coast seeds.

Part of that resurgence is due to boutique labels like Chillage Records. Run by Alex Gonzalez, better known as Spoken Bird, the influx of great new artists from around the world in this psychedelic, trappy undercurrent have filtered through to his Bay Area and now puts the imprint on the verge of releasing its fifth compilation. What makes Crunksauce Vol 5 so special, is that we seem some familiar names like Wu Wei, Kozmo, Kermode, and Devin Kroes, but across the 19 tracks, there are a lot of newcomers (even to us, the oh so knowledgable ones--kidding, relax).

One rising star in this brave new bass world is British Columbia's Perkulat0r, who recently contributed to Liquid Stranger's new Wakaan label with a single on the Tales of Wakaan comp, as well as his new Abysmal EP. This rapidly rising youngster seems to be producing tracks at an unstoppable rate, and if they're all as addicting as "Bubbles," we're going to run out of cash fast. Bubbly and twisted, like a frothing cauldron of crunksauce, this cut is a perfect entry point to fans of trap who think they might be courageous enough to get a little weird. This is our kind of music.

Make sure to keep your eyes on the talented squad behing Chillage Records. These are the superstars of tomorrow. Grab this comp on March 29.

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