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Favorite ThisPERICLES: Ancient Desert Review

Published: July 3, 2012
By: Gracie Roberts
Since 2007, Charleston-based DJ and producer Pericles has been sharing his style of future bass music with EDM lovers up and down the east coast. In his time as a solo artist, Pericles has had the privilege to perform along artists including Shpongle, Samples, Pretty Lights, Eliot Lipp and Big Gigantic.

His newest release, Ancient Desert, was made available to the public last week via Vermin Street. In addition to seven original tracks, the album features remixes from Freddy Todd, Charlie P, Brad BiTT, and a collaboration with Rillo G.

Ancient Desert’s second track is “Echoes of Ghosts”, a haunting piece that gives listeners chills within the first few moments of experiencing Pericles’ sound. “Echoes of Ghosts” showcases the artist’s ability to incorporate a dub sound into his range of musical expertise.

Following “Echoes of Ghosts” is “Shaniqua,” a track that Pericles released to his fans prior to the official drop of the album. Featuring ear-catching synth lines and laser beam-like sound effects, “Shaniqua” is a compelling mix of lighthearted dance music and the grimy, crunk sound that Pericles is most known for.

 “Portal Hopping” is an upbeat track that includes a mind-bending melody laid on top of a beat that encourages dancing, clapping, and overall pandemonium in its listeners. A remix of “Portal Hopping” is also included on the album, where Charlie P puts a culturally-infused spin on the track. By including a sitar melody in the remake of the track, “Portal Hopping” becomes a song that presents aspects of classical Indian music in its sound.

Pericles’ collaboration with Rillo G, “Is What,” closes the album with a glitchy, hip-hop sound. Vocal samples and a snappy beat make this team effort completely necessary for a proper conclusion to this diverse collection of music.

After years of soul searching, Ancient Desert has served as a vehicle with which Pericles can finally share the ancient knowledge he has gained during his travels. With his high level of talent as a producer and ability to successfully present a mixed bag of electronic styles, Pericles will not allow his newest creation to go unnoticed.

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