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Favorite ThisPegboard Nerds - High Roller remixes [Out NOW on Disciple Recordings]

Published: November 19, 2013
By: Mica D'Alesandro

The Pegboard Nerds are back again with the High Roller remix EP.  "High Roller" ft Splitbreed, which was released back in June, is now accompanied by four unique versions from Dodge & Fuski, Far Too Loud, Astronaut, and Krafty Kuts. This EP is a great extension to the original trap version.  

Whether you are a fan of a particular genre or a lover of all, the Nerds hit all the right spots and keep it sexy.  Filled with incredible high energy, exploding horns, and dope vocal chops, its like dimes to our ears.  

Dodge & Fuski's remix is glitchy and hits hard. This will make you feel like a gangsta. Mixed with funk and filth, vocals emphasize "High Roller." Accompanied with sick drops, its fast and full of life. This version will remind you of a night on the town and hype up your night.  

Far Too Loud's remix has a more bang to it. "High Roller" is more upbeat, has a more club hard style sound to it which can only be expressed as epic. With a great build up, it will get you jumping especially when the beat drops.

The Astronaut remix is fast, fun, and is straight out nasty!  A beautiful intro beat transforms the original into grimey glitchy bass that will make you sweat the filth out.   "High Roller" can't get any better.

Completing the set, Krafty Kuts brings another outstanding remix. With lyrics 'music is a drug you can never stay sober,' this is an example of how old meets new. A bit slower with a moobahton feel in the beginning, "High Roller" will still have the original trap feel captured and will eventually bring you to a classic house feeling. It's almost reminiscent of old break beats.

So get your space laces strapped, because you're going to dance the night away to High Roller EP.  

Try and catch this duo from Denmark now because the Pegboard Nerds are on tour now in the U.S. with big names like Griz, The Floozies, and Krewella. The "High Roller" remixes will be an instant favorite and a different version will be played every time you hear it.  I don't need a dime, bitch, I'm a high roller!  Which remix will you love?

This one is out now on Disciple Recordings!

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepGlitchElectroDowntempo