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Favorite ThisPaul van Dyk: (R)Evolution: The Remixes Review

Published: March 20, 2013
By: Gracie Roberts

Late last month, trance fans witnessed the release of (R)Evolution: The Remixes, a full-length album comprised of the top reworkings of tracks from Paul van Dyk’s sixth studio album, Evolution.  A year on from Evolution’s official release, producers have had ample time to craft top-notch remixes of PvD’s work. Alex M.O.R.P.H., Austin Leeds, Giuseppe Ottaviani, John O'Callaghan, Kyau & Albert, and Woody van Eyden are just a handful of van Dyk's fellow production studionauts who contributed 18 fresh-off-the-desk reworks.
R(E)volution features anything from van Dyk’s signature trance sound to the more softhearted vibes known and loved by many EDM fans. While exploring this album, listeners will be pleased to find that multiple remixes of single tracks have been incorporated into the release. An example of this can be heard in “I Don’t Deserve You (ft. Plumb),” a track that has been remixed by John O’Callaghan, Gabriel Ben, and WAWA. The three producers take the track in completely different directions, highlighting separate aspects of the song to each of their liking. O’Callaghan presents a trancy, punchy beat, while Gabriel Ben’s rework includes a drum-driven sound with a tribal vibe. WAWA incorporates house-y, electro beat into the track highlighted with synthesizers begging to be blasted at full volume.
Maarten De Jong’s remix of “Symmetries (ft. Austin Leeds)” is one of the most hardcore tracks included in (R)Evolution’s listing. This grungy piece begins with a surprisingly gentle piano melody that quickly builds up to a distressed sound, complete with distorted synths and a rapid drum beat.
For a more relaxed vibe, fans should check out Niels von Ahorn’s remix of “If You Want My Love (ft. Caligola).” Deep, rich vocals give this track a distinctive flair. Its simple melody paired with twisting synthesizers mixed into the track’s beat come together to create this catchy song that makes it impossible not to join the sing-a-long.
Another track delivered in multiple remixes is “The Sun After Heartbreak (feat. Sue McLaren & Arty).” Pedro Del Mar & DoubleV evoke a dreamy, slowed-down version of the track, while Woody van Eyden, Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson offer two reworks that are sped up and more driven in their nature. In each version, however, the sultry vocals that bring this track together always remain the pinnacle of the piece.
(R)Evolution closes with Kyau & Albert’s remix of their own collaboration with van Dyk, titled “Open My Eyes.” Kyau & Albert’s minimalist sound can be heard in the track’s drop, while Paul van Dyk’s deep bass breathes energy and spark into the track as a whole.
Paul van Dyk discussed the release of (R)Evolution, saying, "Naturally, the original versions of Evolution's tracks were mine and my co-producers visions. To-date, the singles have brought some wonderful, creative remixes with them – ones that blew me away when I heard them and which I played in-club and on the radio throughout 2012.” Now, released as a single album, the crème de la crème of Evolution’s remixes can be easily accessed and enjoyed by PvD fans across the globe.

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