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Favorite ThisPartyWave x Shlump flip Kendrick's 'DNA'

Published: July 17, 2017

By: Kevin Sanders

Kendrick Lamar is arguably the hottest rapper in the game since post whatever the hell happened to Kanye West, meaning that anytime a new track or album of his drops, there are sure to be a slew of remixes, reworks, and recreations by a thirsty crowd of up-and-comers. Some of these are kept on repeat 'til the speakers break, while others are make you want to break them yourself.

PartyWave x ShlumpThat being said, when either Shlump or PartyWave step up to the plate, you know it isn’t going to just be a pop out, they’re going to smash it straight out of the venue so hard there is probably going to be some PTSD from the drop. So when they come together, you better strap yourself in and prepare for straight carnage on the dance floor.

Remixing “DNA,” these two bass music missionary’s take the rap banger of the season and turn it into the bass music stunner of summer. Staying true to their experimental bass style, the lyrics are the only indication this used to be a Kendrick track, with the beat being completely remade into a grinding, bass infused, seizure-inducing, unholy banger. If our ear sockets are lucky, our necks will be less fortunate, and these two will continue to make music together, because this track is absolute insanity that you will be sure to hear plenty of times as the second half of festival season blazes along in earnest. Maybe we outta bring these two bad boys back to The Untz Festival for another round of ShadowTrix magic?

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