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Favorite ThisPartyWave premieres 'Banyan Dance' from debut LP

Published: October 3, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

PartyWaveThe complete annihilation of the competition in the west coast bass scene continues as ShadowTrix Music prepares for yet another thundering release. This time, Hawaii's PartyWave lights speakers up with his debut full-length, Banyan. I've personally be rocking this tough collection of street bass to anyone with ears since it landed on my desk. It's completely bananas.

Today, we treat fans to "Banyan Dance," an off-kilter, tongue-in-cheek trip down back alleys at a broken down third-rate carnival. The cut is wonky, lilting, and full of thick bass kicks that fuel this ramshackle ride through uncharted sonic territory. Like his contemporaries Trevor Kelly, Kozmo, and Shlump, the PartyWave sound is brave and unafraid to take a chance on a weird sound.

Banyan is out tomorrow (October 4), and it's a stunning statement as far as debut albums go. I predict you'll be the annoying guy sitting everyone down and playing it for anyone within earshot. Guaranteed they won't be sitting for long, though. Do the "Banyan Dance," son.

Tags: Trap