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Favorite ThisPaper Diamond: Paragon EP

Published: April 23, 2013

(ELM AND OAK Records)
 Upcoming spring shows include Detroit's   Movement Festival, NY's Governor's Ball,  Bonnaroo Music Festival, HARD Summer fest
and More 
Cover art by Nook
Paragon by definition means "An ideal instance or a perfect embodiment of a concept". While the madly adored DJ and Producer Paper Diamond, (Alex Bowin) is usually inspired by imperfection, his new Paragon EP is a great representation of his life and influences throughout the last year and a half.  On the recording process, Paper Diamond explains "While on the road I recorded in Nashville, LA, Philadelphia, New Orleans, New York and Denver (not to mention on the tour bus, planes, cars, etc). I definitely draw inspiration from different parts of the country and music thats being created in different ways. Although I enjoy making music on the go I find that it always comes into final shape when i take the ideas to my home studio in Colorado. Incorporating real instruments and analog gear definitely seems to be a necessity in my process. "If anything, Paper Diamond has honed in on his aesthetic by crafting a summer-spirited release built on wonderfully crisp snare hits, tastefully subliminal bass lines, moody synths, a whiff of drum n' bass, all tied together by a wildly diverse range of collaborations. As a gift to his fans, Paper Diamond is releasing the entire EP as a free download.
Last month Paper Diamond offered his fans the first taste off his highly anticipated Paragon EP by premiering his first EP single "They Can't Tell Me Nothing" which fuses Paper Diamond's signature bouncy electronic beats with hip-hop vibes for an epically fresh, anthemic banger. The song starts with a peculiar stabbing synth that sets the mood of the track. It builds more energy and drop in some chopped up rapping adding the perfect touch. The drop hits and doesn’t let up, then bringing in the eerie synths once more."
This was followed by the premiere of "XIX" .  The track is a collaboration between Paper Diamond and LA Production duo Christian Rich and features vocals by Angela McCluskey (of Telepopmusik). This particular partnership came about since Paper Diamond is making his debut performance at this year's Bonnaroo festival, in addition to Movement Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival, Governor's Ball Music Festival, HARD Summer fest,  Lightning in a Bottle, Camp Bisco, Lightning in a Bottle, and Moonrise Festival
The 11-track release is loaded with gleaming tracks - "In My Right Mind" (featuring Gavin Turek) has all the '80s electro-pop leanings and taut synths of a Little Dragon confection - not to mention Gavin Turek's soulfully crafted pop hooks that grab ahold of you and refuse to let go. "Summer Breeze" is a funky, mellow instrumental number that floats along on a smooth current of warm, spacy synth beats and persistent, crisp percussion. "Temple Run" gets down to business with down-and-dirty drops and lurching bass lines.
Paragon was created over the course of a year and a half since the release of Levitate and has changed shapes many times.  While working on the material, Paper Diamond sent some tracks to a few producers/friends, one of which was Diplo who thought the songs would be a good introductory release on his label MAD DECENT. He ended up splitting the 3 songs off of Paragon to create"Wavesight" his second EP which was released on JEFFREES / MAD DECENT.  With the other songs were left over for the Paragon EP, Paper Diamond hit the road, and released a few virally, and the others he saved for the current version of the EP.  Honed down from over 100 tracks he produced while on the road, Paper Diamond considers the Paragon EP his most cohesive musical product to date that shows a general love for music, as opposed to a certain genre. "We are creating a story with the art and music of Levitate, Paragon, and our future projects.  It's the idea of creating another world or parallel universe, a distant place suspended in weightlessness. An escape from every day reality."
With the warmer season upon us, Paper Diamond also announces new festival dates as continues his nationwide tour with Excision. The remaining tour dates are below. 
Read the full story from Paper Diamond on Paragon -  HERE 
4/27 Munich, GERMANY
5/8 -  Vancouver, BC
5/24-5/26 Chillicothe, IL
 Summer Camp Music Festival
5/25-5/27 Detroit, MI
 Movement Electronic Music Festival
6/7-6/9 New York, NY
 Governor's Ball Music Festival
6/8-6/9 Baltimore, MD
 Moonrise Festival
6/13-6/16 Manchester, TN
 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
6/15 - Columbus, OH
7/11-7/13 Mariahville, NY
 Camp Bisco
7/11-7/15 Temecula, CA
 Lightning in a Bottle
8/4 - Los Angeles, CA
HARD Summer Fest 
                                           Paper Diamond Official Website

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