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Favorite ThisPapadosio Slideshow + Review / Majestic Theatre (Madison, WI) / 2-1-2013

Published: February 15, 2013
Photos by: Dustin Thalman
Story by: Max Pottebaum & the IMagineREALity crew

Following several summers of wooing festi-heads all across the nation, Papadosio has easily become an act which encompasses all genres and decimates barriers restricting such conjointments. These malleable musicians never cease to amaze audiences; inciting creativity across all walks of art. The emergence of such a phenomenon has taken live jamtronic music by storm. Attempting to pigeon-hole Papadosio’s music in futile, for such a blizzarding array of music truly has no comparisons. Streams of their interrelated musical elements join in unity like the confluence of rivers, summoning a powerful realization that beckons us to surrender to the flow.

The Untz’s Midwest correspondents caught up with the boys in Madison, Wisconsin for a long-awaited interview and discovered that the true uniqueness of this group has no boundaries. To our surprise they insisted that their current string of shows, entitled “The Future Forest Tour,” has no specific meanings or goals, although come the final curtain’s close they will fully understand its importance through a broader lens. Such an interpretation of fate resonates with many as misdirection, yet interpreting fate as the divine driving force has Papadosio going places- we just don’t know where.

By tapping into a communicative stream of being which identifies the music, crowd and band as one, we instantly acknowledge such connectivity, gravitating towards this unbound movement. Such a powerful influence has led the group to enterprise their very own festival in the heart of Ohio. In two short years Rootwire music, camping and art festival has received wondrous reviews and appears as though to increase not only in size, but in effectiveness; inspiring and healing their crowds with messages of positive energy.

This weekend the boys are preparing to play several sets at Aura Music Festival in Florida as they heat up for another big summer run. Without question Papadosio has the potential to do great things, not merely in terms of popularity, but by impacting their audiences’ ways thinking. Expect to see this one-of-a-kind band continuously climb the lineup ladder at large and small festivals alike.

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