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Favorite ThisPapadosio, Liquid Stranger, Haywyre headline FARM Fest July 23-26 NJ

Published: May 14, 2015

By: Chris Conte

FARM FestOne of the east coast's headiest festival is back, and it comes bearing a new location and a killer lineup.

This year F.A.R.M. Music & Arts Festival will be held at the charming Buena Vista Campground in Buena, NJ. This 280-acre campground is located in southern New Jersey complete with running water and cabin rentals. Farm Fest veterans love the old spot, the hills, the forest, the trail leading up the mountain, it was beautiful oasis in Vernon, NJ. The only downfall was the noise ordinance. Music cutting off at 11pm is not fun for anybody. This new spot lets us party until dawn. So for the doubters there is no need to fret. Buenva Vista is still in our lovely state of New Jersey, there is a pond, running water, amazing acts and no asshole neighbors calling the cops cause the music was too loud!

Gracing us with their presence are Farm Fest experts Papadosio, who will be playing 2 nights. Some lineup highlights include Keller Williams, Liquid Stranger, Haywyre, ill.Gates vs KJ Sawka, Exmag, G Jones, DJ Qbert, Govinda, Skytree, Space Jesus, and Lespecial. Plus tons more, and this is only the Phase 1!

Farm Fest is a different beast then most festivals. There is something special about the attendees, a certain magic in the air, if you will. We feel at home. The crowd radiates intensity and love. We are all their because it takes us away from regular society. Bills don't matter, car insurance doesn't matter, and there's definitely no homework. For those few days in New Jersey, we are celebrating life and how beautiful it can be.

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