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Favorite This#PANTyWARS: An interview with PANTyRAiD, at Fillmore Denver this Saturday Nov 9

Published: November 6, 2013
Interview by: Jordan Calvano
Photos by: Shaun Hollingsworth (

PANTyRAiD DenverSenior correspondent Jordan Calvano got a chance to talk with Joshua Ooah Mayer (The Glitch Mob) and Martin MartyParty Folb about the huge PANTyRAiD show taking place this Saturday, November 9th, at The Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO with Ana Sia and Kastle. The massive room will serve as battlefield for the biggest PANTyWAR that's ever taken place. Probably, because we're not sure one has ever taken place. At any rate, you can buy tickets, or share this image with the hashtag #PANTyWARS on any social media platform for the chance to win a pair of tickets (as well as a pair of panties) for the show.

Crazy show coming up at the Fillmore this weekend. Can you give up some details on the massive event for your die-hard fans?

Yeah, very excited to be back at The Fillmore again, we love that venue so much! We’re bringing in tons of sound, lights, dancers, energy, and love. The biggest thing though is that we bought like 3500 panties to launch the first ever PANTyWAR - we just came up with the idea and the team grabbed it and ran. The Fillmore is always where we like to step up our game because Colorado sees it all - but we don’t know if there’s been a PANTyWAR before.

Planning to have a really fun night and to get everyone lost in dancing!

You guys have been taking on the Fillmore for years now. What makes this venue so special that you keep coming back for more?

The chandeliers! And of course the Colorado people; CO really knows how to have a good time and show love for good music.

What is the wildest and most unforgettable moment you’ve experienced in your years of playing this venue?

Probably during our first show there the MC from Lowriders was humping an inflatable sheep on the side stage, it was a good moment - we definitely knew the party was turned up to eleven.

Hiding tickets in panties might be the most genius form of free ticket giveaway thus far. Have you thought about taking things to a whole new level and teaming up with Victoria’s Secret for an official collab?

Many times, hopefully they’ll catch on to what we’re up to.

We recently learned of a show in New York with artists like Moby, Mimosa, and RJD2. We heard talks of a warehouse location and some crazy entertainment. What went down with that event?

It was definitely some old school warehouse rave vibes that night, we had a blast playing with such awesome and legendary artists. It was kind of some crazy Burning Man type party, weird costumes, trippy art installations, late night partiers- awesome to find our music fit in perfectly!

Let’s switch gears to the musical tip. A constant barrage of new and different projects has become something for which both of you are known—Josh, you’ve been working on finishing the new Glitch Mob album, Marty, you’re starting a hip-hop label and project. What has been the hardest part of working on so many different albums and tours at once?

There really hasn't been anything that hard honestly, if you love something so much and you’re passionate about it then you’ll always find a way to do it, that’s how we’ve been able to do so many different projects and collabs. You just figure it out I guess. We all help each other out too, we share ideas, sounds, contacts, whatever. Its all love.


What consumes your time off the stage and out the studio when you guys actually end up taking a break?

Lots of outside stuff, beaches, riding motorcycles, our dogs, catching up on sick TV shows, cooking. All kinds of stuff really.

Any chance we’ll ever see some rappers or vocalists featured on a PANTyRAiD album? And who do you think would be a good fit to match your sound?

Yeah we talk about it all of the time, but nothing has really worked out yet. Until it does we just play without vocals - we love singing or rapping with synthesizers.

What about producers? Definitely no shortage of talent between the two of you, but is there anyone out there that could add to the equation?

Haha - we work really well together and have so many ideas we want to try and create- adding another cook to the kitchen hasn’t come up. But who knows, if someone comes along and it fits naturally and we all have the love and respect for each others music then we would definitely be open to taking it to the next in a trinity. There’s a lot of amazing music makers out there.

Have fun at the Fillmore show guys. Any updates you’d like to share with us to close things out? Fresh PANTyRAiD tracks? New MartyParty material? Info on The Glitch Mob Album? Upcoming tours?

Check out all the new at the Fillmore - you’ll definitely hear some new PANTyRAiD - probably play some new MartyParty tunes… And for the future the only thing we can reveal is that the Glitch Mob album is with the mastering engineer as we speak! See you Saturday!

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