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Favorite ThisPANTyRAiD's New Album PillowTalk Out 5/28, "That's the Spot" Single Out Now w/ Pre-Order

Published: April 30, 2013
Announce New Full Length Album "PillowTalk" Out May 28, 2013 
 Glass Air Records
"That's The Spot" Single Out Now
PillowTalk Pre-Sale Launch:
"That's The Spot"  is available for gratis with pre-order LP purchases HERE or through iTUNES, or as a stand- alone single through all major online retailers.
iTunes Pre-Order Link HERE

After setting the internet ablaze with their standout debut album "The Sauce" plus baby-making singles like  "Get The Money"PANTyRAiD's forthcoming full length follow-up release "PillowTalk" (5/28/13) serves up bass music with a beat so sexy, you'll be tempted to flag it as inappropriate. 
Born of an impromptu tag-team set at a late-night after-party in 2008, electronic musicians  Martin Folb aka MartyParty and Josh Mayer aka "Ooah" of The Glitch Mob joined forces as PANTyRAiD to craft multi-tiered arrangements built on booty clap bass music that's infused with southern-minded hip-hop sensibility.  The duo has since become a celebrated fixture each Spring with their yearly PANTyRAiD tours in sold-out venues across the nation.  
"PillowTalk" delves into the rich sonic cross-sections of hip-hop, deep house, roomy and spacious electronic soul, along with ambient music layered with a multitude of varied beats.  As Marty puts it,"PillowTalk is representitive of two souls coming together."  Not only is that a reflection of the LP title itself but also, taken literally, it showcases the talents of the dirty south --two Southern musicians coming together and making music. Marty is from South Africa and Josh is from New Orleans, both grew up to their fair share of  southern flavored R&B and hip hop on the streets.  So while PillowTalk is infused with soulful moods from start to finish, it contunously  injects various basslines  that aim to take the listener onto another groove each step of the way.  As a celebration of sound with mischief rolling under rumpled sheets of playful synths and close, sticky bass, it's designed for the dance party.  It will make you move your hips, not raise your fists.  
Lead single "That's The Spot" gleams with dancing synth riffs and swooping breakdowns, poured over a deep sub bass and PANTyRAiD's signature sharp glitch edit techniques.  As of today the single is available for gratis with pre-order purchases at or through iTUNES.   Another lead album track, "Brooklyn Angel" is an arresting cloud trap confection with distant yet emotive vocals and crispy percussion. The entire album is a declaration to dance 'till you're out of breath, heaving propulsive beats and tinged with unsettling, dissonant undertones that strike the perfect balance between the sexy and the gritty. 
While each track stands on it's own, "PillowTalk" is a listening excursion best heard complete from start to finish.  Josh says it best himself: "This is journey music - the mood evolves throughout each track. PillowTalk takes you on a trip that will make you get caught up in that sexy moment." In other words - pure audio ecstasy.
Additionally they just released a free album teaser - a remix of Rhianna's "Pour It Up" - and check thePANTyRAiD website every week leading up to 5/28 album release for more goodies from the masters of sexy themselves.
PANTyRAiD "PillowTalk" Tracklisting:
1. That's The Spot
2. Realism Is For Girls
3. Jokes From The Backseat
4. Stay Up Tonight
5. Waiting For Wednesday
6. No Self Control
7. Keeping Secrets
8. Sixteen And Free
9. Just For You
10. Room Service
11. Brooklyn Angel
12. Driving Back Home
PANTyRAiD Tour Dates:
5/3 @ Bluestone Columbus, OH
5/25 @ Old City Courtyard Knoxville, TN
6/14 @ Spring Awakening Chicago, IL
7/14 @ Lightning in a Bottle Los Angeles, CA
7/26 @ What The Festival Dufur, OR

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