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Favorite ThisPANTyRAiD: PillowTalk Review

Published: May 29, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

With a name like PANTyRAiD, there’s absolutely no room for confusion. Your eardrums won’t be bothered with dull, acoustic tales of distress or radio-ready bullshit, but instead filled with bass blaring, synth-smackin’ madness. The fierce side project effortlessly coalesces the forward-thinking styles of OOAH and MartyParty, birthing trilled out anthems that make their own rules, and will undoubtedly make your whole body gyrate.
On PillowTalk, released via The Glitch Mob’s Glass Air imprint, they provide fans with a little thing we like to call balance. Certain tunes are created to incite riotous movement wherever you press play, unleashing nonstop supplies of 808’s. Others are carefully laced with divine melodies, leaving listeners agape and entirely immersed.
PANTyRAiDTracks like “That’s The Spot,” “Room Service,” and “Stay Up Tonight” fall under this first category, storming your temple with snare clappin’ beats like blitzkrieg warfare. Panties are getting raided like a college campus during Halloween, and overtly sexual to a whole new degree.
Then we have bewitching bumps like “No Self Control” and “Sixteen & Free,” standing out as the album’s most addicting tunes. These enticing cuts juxtapose pounding instrumentations with an ethereal ambiance, balancing sections of utter energy with moments of complete harmony.
On the far side of the spectrum, there is “Waiting For Wednesday” and  “Driving Back Home.” PANTyRAiD strays from the notoriously fresh bangers we’ve come to love, instead shifting focus towards dreamy, uplifting, and thoroughly inspiring songs. This diversity layers the release with something for everyone, flowing back and forth between shockingly heavy and stunningly beautiful.
PANTyRAiD strikes gold with PillowTalk, adding another storybook release to their impressive collection. Get freaky in the sheets to this, or turn these raunchy tunes to eleven and let your neighbors know what’s good.

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